Smart Class Room

The classrooms are setup by installing projectors and necessary sound system for visual demonstration of lessons to students and the classrooms are designed to be compact so as to stimulate and encourage close interaction and individual attention between students and faculty.


Seminar hall with a minimum of 100 seating capacity each are available in the campus. They are well equipped with audio and visual systems. Events such as small meetings, cultural activities, debates etc are organized here


Communal place for students not only functions for student gatherings or as a place of social interaction, but with the arrangement and doing tasks, discussing, gathering, searching information, etc


The college has a computer lab with a capacity to accommodate 30 Students. The networked systems are configured to allow individual internet access from all the computers. Students have the opportunity to get individual training from single computer to a student system arrangement.


The Ladies room offers a safe space for girls to address any menstruation related issues. It is equipped with sanitary pads, towels, pain killers, water, and soap, among other things
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